Woman finds child's Christmas presents on interstate

Posted at 11:09 AM, Dec 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-28 11:09:11-05

NORTH PORT, FL (WBBH/CNN) - A woman traveling to Cape Coral, FL, found gifts on the side of a highway on Christmas Eve.

She's searching for the child they were meant for so she can finally unite him with the presents.

"The tags on them say 'To Branson,' and they are from Pops and Windy, Randy and Jack," Andrea Reid said.

Reid spotted them while driving south from St. Petersburg on I-75 near North Port.

"We're like, 'What was that?'" Reid said. The good Samaritan swung into action.

"We had to go down to another exit and go back around. We picked up the toys and they were for a little kid, so we felt really bad," Reid said.

Those gifts likely fell out of a car without the family noticing. 

"Unfortunately, the wrapping had come off some of them just because from sliding on the road," Reid said. "I just couldn't imagine being that person getting to the house and all excited to give these gifts away, and they're not even there."

Reid is trying to get their attention. Her post on Facebook has been shared more than 400 times so far. 

People said they're touched by her good deed and hope the boy will be reunited with the gifts.

"I think the person is nice because some people would take it and forget about it," Jenifer Berrios said.

"Pretty sure he'll be happy to receive them if he can get those back," Steve Thomas said.

"I know it would probably make the people giving the gifts really happy to find them and then, you know," Andrea Reid said. "Kids love getting gifts, and Christmas is really about the kids most of the time anyway."

Reid said you can contact her on Facebook if you know Branson or his family.

She said if she doesn't find the owner by Jan. 6, she'll donate the gifts to charity.

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