Woman dies two years after being set on fire by ex-boyfriend

Posted at 7:28 AM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 07:28:57-04

COLUMBUS, OH (WBNS/CNN) – The victim of a vicious attack has died, but her fight for justice will be remembered as lawmakers in Ohio look to pass a new law inspired by her story.

Judy Malinowski was set on fire by an ex-boyfriend nearly two years ago, and since that day, the woman fought mightily through terrible pain to tell her story.

From her hospital bed last year, Malinowski advised others in an abusive relationship to get help.

"I want to tell people how horrible something like this can be, and if you're in an abusive relationship, find help and get out completely. Run the other way. Run,” she said.

Inspired by Malinowski’s story, state lawmakers introduced Judy’s Law, which would create tougher prison sentences for attacks that permanently disfigure or disable.

With the help of a speaking valve, Malinowski pushed via video for the law that wouldn’t change her situation but could help others.

"It's destroyed my life, my family's life, my kids' lives, everyone around us’ lives, and the laws of justice are just not fair,” she said.

Last week, when Malinowski could no longer speak, her 13-year-old daughter did.

"Please pass my mom's law because together we can prevent these types of situations. We can prevent this from happening to other families,” said the girl in an address to legislators.

Doctors told Malinowski from the beginning she would likely not survive her injuries. She died Tuesday morning at the age of 33.

In December, Michael Slager pleaded guilty to aggravated arson in the attack on Malinowski. He received 11 years in prison, the maximum sentence possible.

The Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee passed Judy’s Law Tuesday morning. The law passed the Ohio House of Representatives in May.

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