With each passing day, more Big Island homes swallowed by lava or devoured by cracks

Posted at 5:54 AM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 05:54:28-04

With no end in sight to this eruption activity, dozens of families whose homes and properties were consumed by lava or severely damaged by earthquakes are trying to move on.

Leilani Estates resident Shantel Pacarro says her family has not been able to live at home since the volcanic activity began May 3. 

She says while they are lucky lava has not reached their property yet, they are dealing with a different kind of danger. 

"With all the tremors and earthquakes, it started to create cracks. It started off as little cracks and they grew over time," said Pacarro. "We could actually see when the cracks first started. Now when we look in, we can't even see the bottom of the crack. It's so scary." 

Pacarro says some of the cracks on her property are as wide as 10 feet and as long as two football fields. 

One runs right under their home, and as it grew, she says it shifted the house at least four feet. 

"It's leaning to the point where you can't even open the front door. Our house is just slowly sinking into this huge crack, and every day we'll go to bed not knowing whether or not we'll see our house tomorrow morning still standing," she said. 

Pacarro says her family is staying with her parents in Hawaiian Paradise Park until they can figure out what to do about their house. 

The Parr Family recently moved to Hawaii from California and only lived in their Pahoa home for two weeks before the eruptions began. 

After being evacuated and with nowhere else to go, they went back to the mainland and watched the devastation unfold on TV. 

"The whole entire property is under lava now. That was kind of heart breaking for us. We only go to be there and live there for two weeks," said Jon Parr. 

Emily Clearwater hasn't seen her home since the volcanic activity started.  

She and her husband recently moved back to the Big Island this year to raise their growing family. They have a 1-year-old daughter and another baby on the way.  

She says their neighbor saw the destruction on their property off Pohoiki Road from a helicopter. 

"He told us that he's pretty much positive that our cabin was gone and that most of our property -- probably three-fourths of it -- is covered in lava," Clearwater said. "You're constantly watching the news and looking at pictures and video and trying to figure out if its there. It's awful." 

Clearwater says they are in the process of buying a new home in Papaikou. 

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