Watch out for fake Harvey photos, viral hoaxes

Watch out for fake Harvey photos, viral hoaxes
Posted at 1:27 PM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 11:01:04-04

(RNN) – Beware the photo foolery. There’s no shark swimming up a Houston street, no alligator in a driveway and the Houston airport is not underwater.

With any major news or cultural event, the fake photos of the event will start to surface on social media. With Harvey, the deluge of photo fakery and internet hoaxes is filling up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The ever-popular shark swimming up a highway makes an appearance every time there is a storm or flooding. It made its first bogus appearance in 2011 after Hurricane Irene. But the shark was stolen from a photograph where it’s chasing a kayaker in 2005.

The photograph of the Houston airport supposedly underwater is LaGuardia in New York City. The Washington Post reports that it’s an illustration used as mock-up to show the possible effect of climate change by 2100.

A man did push his kids out of flood waters in a refrigerator in Houston, but that took place in 2016, not during Hurricane Harvey. 

Even Katie Couric got duped by a friend who sent a photo of an alligator in the street. The photo is real, but a sheriff's deputy in Houston took it in April. The gator wasn’t out for a stroll in Harvey.

Oh, and neither President Donald Trump nor Barack Obama is serving food to those displaced. Trump is expected to visit Texas on Tuesday. 

There are also a few hoaxes going around regarding an emergency number for the National Guard. Residents should call 9-1-1 if they need help.

To avoid being duped, check, or a reputable news source. Google a photograph with key words if you have your suspicions.

Instead of adding to the shock and awe, put a little good in the world. Donate to help those in need:

To find a food bank in Texas where you can make direct donations, go to Feeding Texas

Before donating to any charity, check them out on Charity Navigator to see how they rate.

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