WATCH: Goat headbutts glass doors, breaks into office

WATCH: Goat headbutts glass doors, breaks into office
Posted at 7:09 AM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 03:46:06-04

(RNN) – Employees at an office in Colorado were shocked to discover what they thought was a robbery was actually damage caused by an aggressive goat.

The general manager for Argonics Inc., a small polyurethane manufacturer in Louisville, CO, found the building’s two glass front doors shattered when he arrived at work Monday morning, according to The Daily Camera.

But when he checked the security footage, he saw an unlikely culprit: a goat.

The video, posted to the company’s YouTube page, shows a goat headbutting one door several times with a few other goats hanging out nearby.

When the door shatters, the goat runs off, but it soon returns and begins to headbutt the second door. Unsurprisingly, that door also shatters, and the goat runs away again.

An employee for Argonics, Greg Cappaert, told The Daily Camera the goat banged on the doors for around 20 minutes. He says the goat was likely trying to fight its own reflection.

When the general manager called police, Cappaert says the officers initially thought he said ghosts caused the damage, which is only slightly less plausible than the true explanation.

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