Wandering toddler leads deputies to wrecked car with younger brother trapped inside

Posted at 6:53 AM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 07:51:39-04

CAMDEN, AR (RNN) – At least two days after an unnoticed car accident that left their mother dead, two young boys were found dehydrated but alive.

Ouachita County Sheriff’s deputies responded to reports of a 3-year-old boy, later identified as Kylen Holliman, alone near a state highway Monday morning, according to KARK.

After authorities released a picture of the toddler on social media, family members responded, saying the boy’s mother was 25-year-old Lisa Holliman, and she and her two children had not been seen in days.

Deputies returned to the spot Kylen was found and discovered a wrecked car in a deep ravine, which was not visible from the roadway. They believe the crash happened Friday or Saturday, according to KATV.

Inside the car, Kylen’s 1-year-old brother was alive, still fastened into his car seat.

"He was somewhat turned sideways, in a position upside down," said Ouachita County Sheriff's Detective Lt. Nathan Greeley, according to KARK. "They went through a pure hell, no doubt."

Kylen’s grandfather James Holliman told KARK the 3-year-old managed to climb out of his car seat, through the sunroof and up a small hill filled with bushes.

Unfortunately, the children's mother had been ejected from the vehicle and killed.

"When he climbed out of that car, seeing his mother dead like she was, he tried to wake his mom up," James Holliman told KARK.

Investigators said it’s a miracle the two boys not only survived the accident but made it at least two days without food or water.

"Today is anything but short of a miracle. The 3-year-old and 1-year-old being able to survive in the elements… Like I said, it's nothing short of a miracle – God's blessing that these children were able to survive this accident," Greeley told KATV.

Both Kylen and his brother suffered dehydration, KARK reports. The 1-year-old is recovering at the hospital.

James Hollison said his daughter's death is one of the hardest things he's gone through, especially since he just found out she was 4 weeks pregnant.

"We just found out at the hospital that she was pregnant. We didn't know. We lost two," he told KARK.

The children’s grandparents were in the process of taking custody, according to KARK.

The accident remains under investigation.

Authorities said Kylen had walked 300 yards away from the crash site before he was found, KATV reports.

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