Walmart will introduce robots in its stores

Walmart will introduce robots in its stores
Posted at 9:28 AM, Oct 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-27 05:32:17-04

(CNN) - Walmart is known for its uncommon clientele, but now robots are taking the spotlight.

The retailer is using robots to do tasks like scan for out-of-stock items, incorrect prices and missing labels. Opening additional checkout lines, however, is not in the plans.

Right now, Walmart is testing robots in a couple of stories in Arkansas and California. Officials hope to have robots in at least 50 stores by the end of January 2018.

There is no word on whether a "Robots of Walmart" Facebook page is in the works or how long it will be before viral videos emerge of the robots fighting each other.

Walmart executive Jeremy King told Reuters the robots are more efficient and quicker than human employees.

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