Visual music comes to life on Google

Visual music comes to life on Google
Posted at 8:02 AM, Jun 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 04:30:50-04

(RNN) - It's an audio-visual festival on Google's homepage.

The modified logo, known as a doodle, expands into an interactive graphic where users can create their own design. Users can create abstract music and art with a few clicks of a mouse and then modify it to fit their desires.

It's in honor of Oskar Fischinger, an artist who was known for creating visual renderings to accompany music in various short films throughout his life. Friday marks what would have been his 117th birthday.

Google's version can be created - and manipulated - in a matter of seconds, but Fischinger's work came before the advent of computers and took several months to produce as each image in the film needed to be painted by hand.

Fischinger was born in Germany and began his work there, but moved to the United States and began working in Hollywood in 1936 when work such as his was declared "degenerate" by the Nazi party.

The Google version has four "instruments" where users can lay a base pattern and then layer different tones over it and then modify the speed and key in which the music is played.

There are also three presets created by Google that can be modified by users.

Fischinger died Jan. 31, 1967.

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