VIRAL: Car dealer responds to panhandler who refused a job

VIRAL: Car dealer responds to panhandler who refused a job
Posted at 1:10 PM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-15 10:45:42-04

(RNN) - A Michigan car dealership’s response to a panhandler who would rather beg than work is going viral.

Brett Paulson, who works at Brighton Honda in Michigan, wrote on Facebook that the company offered the man a job and he turned it down.

Soon, a sign under the raised hood of a car appeared next to the road where the panhandler stands.

“Please do not give anything to this panhandler. We offered him a full-time job at $10 per hour. He said 'I make more than any of you,' and he did not want the job. Please donate to a more worthy cause.”

Paulson said the guy has been a nuisance for a long time.

"We've been having issues with him for close to 2 years," he wrote in a Facebook message. "Very belligerent. Yells profanities at employees, customers."

Residents of Brighton said they see a pair of men outside the dealership every day, according to WDIV. They've had issues, too.

“I think it’s great that the dealership put some effort into trying to get rid of them,” said Felicia Tubbs, who works at a gas station across the street. In gratitude, she took pizza to the employees at the Honda place.

Michigan State Police told WDIV that two people were arrested for vagrancy and disorderly conduct, but their names were not released because they had not been arraigned.

The sign at the dealership has been taken down.

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