Vikings fans make Super Bowl trip unpleasant for Eagles fans

Vikings fans make Super Bowl trip unpleasant for Eagles fans
Posted at 4:55 PM, Jan 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-26 12:47:29-05

(RNN) - Minnesota Vikings fans were one game away from turning Super Bowl LII into a home game.

They are not happy about having to play host to the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that eliminated them. The Eagles take on the New England Patriots on Feb. 4.

Some Vikings fans want vengeance and are flexing their creative might a little more than a week out from the big game.

NEXN reports that some Vikings fans tweeted plans to sign up to become Uber or Lyft drivers so they could drop off Eagles fans at the wrong place.

One tweeter suggested it began as an idea from Morning’s Suck Less with Ben, Dana & Giselle.

SB Nation is reporting some Vikings fans are encouraging homeowners to deny Eagles fans a reservation via Airbnb, an online marketplace that allows people to rent out or lease their property.

Whether or not this is a case of sour grapes is open to interpretation.

Even so, at least one Minneapolis homeowner's association has enacted a policy that will affect Eagles and Patriots fans alike. According to a Reddit user, a homeowner sent a renter an email saying the HOA had banned all short-term renting until after the Super Bowl.

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