Video: Twister closes in on farmer

Posted at 8:26 AM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 08:26:05-04

HATTON, ND (KVLY/CNN) - A man found himself face to face with a powerful tornado just a few hundred feet away.

The amazing video he captured of it quickly went viral.

"When I was coming down the road, I thought it was going to turn back. It looked like it was going to turn back at me," farmer Jesse Bye said.

Bye said he was just a football field away "right on the north side of those trees," in the middle of spraying corn in his fields.

"This one kept getting bigger and bigger and just kept getting darker and darker as it moved across the fields," Bye said. "It was just like a vacuum cleaner sucking up the dirt."

Thankfully, it wasn't very destructive, he said.

"So I was watching for the power lines as I crossed here. I figured, well, if it's got a lot of power, it's going to snap these lines. As you can see, they're still standing," Bye said.

He said he stayed in his truck and watch it dissipate to the northeast.

"Probably got lucky it didn't go through a farm or anything or go through town. When I went to town to pick up my dad, I saw the kids were leaving one of the ball parks," Bye said.

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