VIDEO: Police rescue dog from owner's trunk

Posted at 7:51 AM, Jan 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-09 07:51:51-05

MARYSVILLE, OH (WSYX/CNN) – An Ohio man is facing animal cruelty charges after police say he beat his dog and threw her in the trunk, saying he was going to take her home to shoot her.

A witness to the abuse called police when he says suspect James Combs pulled up to him and offered to sell his pit bull for $25.

The witness says he could not afford it and later saw Combs throw the dog in the trunk of his car.

When police arrived to arrest Combs, he claimed he hadn’t abused her.

“She bit me, man. My dog, she's in the trunk. I'm taking her home now. I wouldn't abuse her. I just put her in the trunk,” Combs said.

Officers say Combs then threatened to kill the dog.

"The guy said he was going to take it home and shoot it,” said Deputy Chief Tony Brooks with the Marysville Police Department.

Police rescued the dog, which they found in the trunk of the car.

“The animal's not secured in there. A lot of people keep junk-type items in there,” Brooks said.

Police say they saw no bite marks on Combs and talked to witnesses who say he went after the dog, punching and kicking her.

"Really, he doesn't think there's anything wrong with that or clearly doesn't care that's what he did,” Brooks said.

Police say they also smelled marijuana at the time of Combs’ arrest.

Combs has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty. He told police he bought the dog four days prior and wanted to give her back.

The dog is now in the care of the Union County Humane Society.

Combs could possibly receive a plea deal if he gives up rights to the dog.

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