Video captures officer kicking handcuffed man in the head

Posted at 11:19 PM, May 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-05 23:19:33-04

MIAMI (CNN) - The cellphone video is difficult to watch.

A black man was on his stomach getting handcuffed by Miami police when officer Mario Figueroa ran into frame.

The video appears to show the officer kicking 31-year-old David Suazo in the head. Then he dropped to the ground and puts him in a headlock.

"It was unnecessary because he wasn't resisting or nothing," one witness said.

You'd never know Suazo was apparently kicked and head locked from reading the police report. It said Suazo was driving an alleged stolen vehicle, then crashed it while he tried to evade police. He fled on foot.

It was the shocked woman behind the camera who messaged police about the police.

The Miami police chief swiftly took action when he tweeting, "The video depicts a clear violation of policy. The officer has been relieved of duty."

State attorney Kathy Rundle said she was shocked, appalled and opening an investigation.

Suazo has been charged with grand theft auto, fleeing police and other charges.

Figueroa is suspended with pay pending the investigation. Our phone calls to the police union and to Figueroa were not returned.

The public defender's office representing Suazo did return our phone calls but said they don't comment on pending litigation.

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