VIDEO: Bear plays 'peak-a-boo' with homeowner

Posted at 1:26 PM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 13:26:28-04

ARNOLD,CA (KTXL/CNN) - Homeowners that live in areas inhabited by bears don't usually worry when they occasionally see one of the wild animals.

This encounter was a little too close for comfort and surprised a resident who is used to having bears around.

“We see them often here, but not usually during the day,” said Dave Ellison, about the incident caught on camera outside his home last Saturday.

The video shows Ellison walking out of frame on his security camera, and a bear entering stage left.

The timing of it all seemed like a well-rehearsed sitcom.

“First thought was like 'holy crap what am I going to do?' ” Ellison said.

The bear, that doesn't look very old and probably is a teenager, according to Ellison, is the first to notice the other.

At first, Ellison said he couldn't tell what exactly he saw scurry behind the tree.

“I heard a noise and I looked up and I thought it was my dog,” he said.

To further show the little guy or gal's fright and fascination, the bear played a peak-a-boo game from behind the tree, clearly curious about this human, but not wanting to take any chances.

Ellison himself said his mind was racing as he slowly stepped away.

“I can't walk, I definitely can't run so they always say, and through my own experience, just stay calm and do your own thing. they usually go,” Ellison said.

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