UPS driver rescued after being attacked by dogs

UPS driver rescued after being attacked by dogs
Posted at 2:39 AM, Sep 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-16 02:32:30-04

PUYALLUP, WA (KIRO/CNN) - Animal Control said four dogs attacked an UPS driver on Wednesday as he made a delivery at a home, biting him repeatedly.

Neighbor Michael Large said he's been worried about the pit bulls living in a fenced yard on his street for some time.

"Those dogs have just been mean, vicious to everybody that goes by there. You walk by there and they're terrible," Large said.

No one was home when the attack started, and when emergency crews arrived to help the driver, the gate was closed.

When a family member arrived, he refused to open the gate, so the crew drove through it.

"Eventually they ended up ramming the gate, having to drive onto the property, and the victim was up on top of a flatbed of some type," Brian Boman of Pierce County Animal Control said. "The medics actually drove their vehicle onto the property and got the victim into their vehicle through a window."

The extent of the driver's injuries aren't known.

The dogs have been impounded for quarantine, and the whole incident is under investigation.

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