University reacts to Confederate flags placed on campus

Posted at 8:45 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-27 20:45:01-04

A surveillance video shows a man that police say slipped onto the American University campus undetected, leaving 10 Confederate flag posters with cotton stalks attached to them and bearing the message, “Huzzah for Dixie.”

“We actually have a suspect. Not a person of interest - a suspect,” said American University President Sylvia Mathews Burwell.

Senior Lauren Lumpkin got a security text alert while she was in her room.

“I was angry, I was frustrated. I didn’t want to leave my room because it was late at night, and i was scared - what if this person is still out there?” she said.

The posters were discovered Tuesday night, the same evening the campus dedicated its Anti-Racist Research and Policy Center.

Wednesday, there was a packed, emotional town hall with plenty of fearful students

Burwell sent out an urgent plea.

“We would ask that you view the videos, that you look at the photos,” Burwell said. “This is the individual on camera that has done these incidents.”

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