Twin moms give birth on same day

Posted at 11:04 AM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 11:04:47-05

CHULA VISTA, CA (KSWB/CNN) -  Two precious little bundles of joy, Dontee and Angel, were brought into this world just hours apart from one another.

They share a lot more than a hospital room and so do their mothers.

Sanisha Johnson and Larisha West, the mothers of the babies, are twin sisters who have always had a strong bond with one another throughout their whole lives.

In fact, this isn`t the first pregnancy they’ve shared. Their first children are two months apart. Their second are eight months apart and Dontee and Angel are the last,”

But never did they imagine it would actually work out this way: Both babies born on the same day. And their weight is a pretty unique play on numbers.

Dontee weighs eight pounds, six ounces and Angel weighs six pounds, eight ounces.

As for the twin sisters, they hope their babies have that same special bond with each other that they had growing up.

“I want them to know what family means and that's something that's big on us," West said.

"That family is bonded together,” Johnson added.

As much as they loved sharing their pregnancies together, both say they have no plans for any more pregnancies.

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