This job pays $5,000 a week, plus you get to travel and eat BBQ

This job pays $5,000 a week, plus you get to travel and eat BBQ
Posted at 4:22 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 13:32:34-04

(RNN) – Tuck in your napkins. The folks at Reynolds Wrap just might have your dream job.

They’re looking for a “Chief Grilling Officer” or CGO. The gig is short but pays well - $5,000 a week for two weeks of work and Reynolds picks up the tab for your travel and lodging too.

Oh, and you can take a friend along for the ride.

“As CGO, you won’t need a comfy corner office,” the Reynolds Kitchens website says. “That’s because for two weeks, you’ll be too busy sampling and savoring grilled goods from some of the top barbeque cities in the country.”

In return, Reynolds wants you to share grilling tips, techniques and pictures on their website and social media channels (and perhaps encourage folks to use Reynolds Wrap).

The application is as simple as submitting 100 words on why you think you would be the ultimate CGO and a photo of your favorite grilling recipe to

Applications are due by August 13.

Grill on, America. Grill on.

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