Terminally ill Georgia woman denied marriage license

Posted at 1:26 AM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-13 03:30:25-04

FAIRBURN, GA (WSB/CNN) – A husband-to-be is having difficulty fulfilling the dying wish of his bedridden fiancee because officials won’t give him a marriage license if she doesn’t appear in person.

Aubri Gillilan’s dying wish is to marry the father of her four children, a 4-year-old daughter and triplets.

"I've got four little babies with him, and there's nothing more that I want than to get married to him,” Gillilan said.

The kids keep asking when their daddy is going to marry their mommy, Gillilan’s fiance Andrew Hendrickson says.

"I don't know what to tell them. I told them that Daddy's working on it,” Hendrickson said.

But while Hendrickson has been working to marry Gillilan, the two aren’t having much luck.

Gillian has a rare form of malignant melanoma that keeps her bedridden and in a lot of pain.

When Hendrickson went to get a marriage license, he was told Gillilan had to be there too.

"I told them she was under hospice care, that she was bedridden. She wasn't able to come,” Hendrickson said.

Officials refused to give him a license.

"Let me get married. There isn't no reason why I shouldn't be able to,” Gillilan said.

Fulton County Probate Judge Pinkie Toomer said by phone that it’s difficult to send a worker to someone’s home because of security issues, but she’s looking into what can be done.

Gillilan says the marriage license would mean the world to her.

"This is the best thing I can have. There's no way for me to walk down the aisle,” she said.

Hendrickson says he’s tried neighboring counties, and they’ve all told him the same thing. He even offered to let Gillilan appear via Skype, but they still said no.

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