Teenager shades stranger from sun

Posted at 12:41 PM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-18 12:41:11-04

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) - A photo of a teen is being shared on social media thousands of times over for a simple act of kindness – as a sign of hope and humanity.

Louis Jordan was picking his mom up from work downtown when he saw a stranger sitting in the heat and he realized he could help.

"It was unbearably hot. I wouldn't want to be out there in the sun," he said.

He had an umbrella in his car, so he took it over to provide shade for the woman in the wheelchair.

"Come to find out it was going to be a little longer for Metro Lift to come and get her. So, we ended up waiting out there for an hour and 45 minutes," he said.

During the wait, Louis and the woman became friends.

Anytime he sees her waiting, Louis grabs his umbrella and goes to enjoy some time with her.

"We laugh, jokes. She's in a book club. Come to find out she likes pork chops. I owe her some stuffed pork chops," he said.

Louis' mom Bernette Botts took this photo which has been shared online many times.

"He is just full of surprises. That's all I can say," Botts said.

She said she's seen this selfless side of her son before. Louis rescued his grandmother who was trapped inside her home submerged in 4 ft. of water with no power during Hurricane Harvey.

"He called me back from my mom's and said I got her," Botts said.

Louis says there are ways we can help others every day.

He says these acts of kindness, big and small, are reminders that there's still good in the world.

"I pray that God allows me to be used every day. I've been down and out so much. I've been there personally," he said.

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