Tallahassee girl injured after tree falls into her bedroom

Tallahassee girl injured after tree falls into her bedroom
Posted at 11:37 PM, Sep 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-11 20:00:03-04

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) - Though Irma didn't cause as much devastation as first expected, some in the Tallahassee area were hit hard by the storm, as WTXL reported.

"I was sleeping in my bed and a tree fell into my room," said Brechelle Williams. "The drywall hit me on the head and I was trapped in. My dad had to pull me out from underneath all the drywall and limbs and bushes." 

"I heard the tree creaking and all I could think about was my granddaughter upstairs," said Brenda Foushee, Williams' grandmother.

Now, the family is dealing with a gaping hole in their roof and debris and damage inside the house after an emotional roller coaster Sunday night.

"It was very traumatic," said Williams. "I could be dead right now. I was a couple of inches away from being dead and I really thank God that I was not hit directly by the tree and all I left out with was a couple of bruises and some scratches and a little head trauma."

Families, city and county crews are now working to clean up the mess Irma left behind. Kevin Peters, Leon County's Emergency Management Director, says more than 100 local roads were blocked by either fallen trees, down power lines or debris.

"We encourage people to avoid any road hazards," said Peters. "It's just dangerous. Turn around and find another route and leave it to the professionals to clear any road debris that you may encounter."

Clean up is expected to take at least a week.

"We definitely didn't think Hurricane Irma was going to come and hit Tallahassee that seriously and it really didn't, but that little bit of wind and powerful rain we got, it's definitely not a joke," said Williams.

You can see a Tallahassee power outage map here.

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