5 students disciplined over Confederate flag picture

Posted at 6:36 AM, Oct 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-21 06:36:02-04

RICHMOND, TX (KTRK/CNN) - Five high school students are facing discipline after a racially motivated post to social media.

Three students were pictured posing with a Confederate flag and a flag supporting President Donald Trump, but it's the caption of the picture that caused the backlash.

"All my brothers n sisters of African descent. Now if the day to prove urself. Let these Twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers," the picture caption read.

Parents are concerned about the messaging, including the mother of the student holding the Trump flag. She said he was unaware of what the post would say.

"These were not our son's words nor were our son's intent for anything to be said like this" the mother said. "Our family doesn't stand for this. This is not who we are. This has been twisted. The facts have been twisted and I wanted everybody to know that."

Since the picture was posted, the students in the picture have received death threats.

The mother said her family is biracial and not racist despite what the photograph her son is in.

"Somebody could be potentially harmed, and we're worried about that right now," she said. "My youngest son is Hispanic, or partially Hispanic, so our older sons do not judge. We are a biracial family, so we are not one to judge anybody else."

She said this was a learning opportunity for the boys.

The Lamar Consolidated school district says five students in all now face disciplinary action due to the demonstration and the post.

Police presence at the school was also increased as a precaution.

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