Starved dog's savior now thought to be its owner

Posted at 6:02 PM, Nov 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-01 18:02:29-04

WICHITA, KS (KAKE/CNN) - A Kansas dog owner has been accused of animal cruelty and lying to police.

Last month, the man told police he found an emaciated dog abandoned in an alley, but it turns out that the man may actually be the animal's owner.

"I wanted to break down, like I wanted to break down," said Vincent Currie, who KAKE had spoken to a few weeks earlier. "I mean it was heartbreaking. Honestly heartbreaking."

He was visibly upset after he said he found a starving dog abandoned in an alley near his home.

"It really, really infuriates me," Currie said. "That really, really does. It touches a nerve inside my body."

Currie called 911 and told police he saw a mysterious, dark-colored van drop off a dog wrapped in a sheet.

But police don’ think Currie's story adds up.

"Through our investigation, the original 911 caller is determined to be the owner of the dog," said Wichita Police Department's Charley Davidson.

Police said the dog's owner is being charged with falsifying a police report and animal abuse. However, they've been unable to find him.

The dog is now in a foster home recovering following a surgery to clear a corncob found lodged in her intestines.

She also has a new name, Aadya.

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