Sony unveils new robot dog 'Aibo'

Sony unveils new robot dog 'Aibo'
Posted at 11:04 AM, Nov 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-01 08:19:44-04

(CNN) - Sony is bringing back its robotic dog.

Sony's CEO plans to present "Aibo" on Wednesday. The first version of the robotic pet dog debuted in 1999.

Sony stopped making them in 2006.

Like its predecessor, this new pet toy responds to voice commands and can bark, sit and wag its tail.

The new version also comes equipped with a powerful new computer chip, updated displays for its eyes and the ability to connect to mobile networks.

The new Aibo is expected to be more intelligent and proactively interact with its owner. Pre-orders begin Wednesday but only for Japan.

The high-tech pup costs a little over $1,700. It is expected to go on sale in January.

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