Snowmobilers dig out stuck moose

Snowmobilers dig out stuck moose
Posted at 2:14 PM, Jan 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-03 11:18:11-05

(RNN) – When you live in western Newfoundland, Canada, moose are a part of your daily life. But usually, you try to stay away from them.

Especially when it’s a 1,000-pound moose.

Jonathan Anstey with Sledcore Outdoor Adventure & Lifestyle was out snowmobiling in the backcountry near Deer Lake when he saw a moose buried up to his neck in snow.

 “He was frantically trying to get out of a hole that was 6-feet deep,” he said. “His whole back half was stuck in snow, water and mud.”

Anstey and the seven other snowmobilers he was traveling with grabbed their shovels and started digging.

“He was obviously distressed,” Anstey said.

It took about 15 minutes, but soon the bull moose was free.  He paused for a moment, looked back, then wandered away.

With 6 to 8 feet of snow on the ground right now, it’s tough for all living things to move about in the backcountry.

“There’s a very healthy population of moose,” Anstey said. “It’s extremely hard for moose to get around” when the snow is that deep.

Why rescue something that's big enough to kill you?

“Everybody has a soft spot in their heart,” he said. “I just don’t like to see an animal stuck.”

“I would do the same thing again tomorrow.”

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