Snow storm whips the Carolinas, Virginia and the Northeast: Hide the bread and milk

Snow storm whips the Carolinas, Virginia and the Northeast: Hide the bread and milk
Posted at 11:57 AM, Jan 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 08:33:49-05

ATLANTA (RNN) – Say goodbye, Deep South, and hello, East Coast.

The storm system that scattered snow and ice from the Texas Gulf Coast to north Georgia is now whipping the East Coast.

Some 55 million people across 25 states were under some sort of winter weather advisory, watch or warning on Wednesday.

Folks flooded grocery store aisles as the winter weather advanced.

The hashtag #breadandmilk trended on Twitter.

One North Carolina store played into the stereotype of crazed shoppers buying all the provisions they could get their hands on ahead of up to half a foot of snow.

A successful grocery run was cause for celebration.

South Carolina hung up the closed sign.

Up to 2 inches of snow coated metro Atlanta, bringing the city largely to a standstill as schools closed and the Georgia Department of Transportation urged people to stay home. The storm delayed hundreds of flights at Atlanta's airport, the world's busiest.

Gov. Nathan Deal issued a state of emergency for 83 counties.

For some Atlanta residents, it was a time for reflection.

For others, it was party time.

In Alabama, it’s a snow day too. Several inches fell in many parts of the state.

The pets love it.

The people, not so much.

The snow was a brand-new experience for these little ones in Mississippi.

Even Louisiana wasn’t immune from this storm. Snow and ice shut down I-10 in Baton Rogue.

In Virginia, there were signs of jealousy.

And there was some mocking.

The Northeast approaches snow a bit differently than the South. They’re used to storms every year that may dump a foot or two of snow.

Places like New York and Boston are supposed to get a few inches this time around.

While it’s not a big deal for folks in the North, it’s all about perspective. Many parts of the South on Wednesday morning were colder than Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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