'Smallville' actress charged with sex trafficking

'Smallville' actress charged with sex trafficking
Posted at 7:50 AM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-23 04:06:30-04

NEW YORK (WPIX/CNN) - An actress on a popular TV show was charged with sex trafficking. 

Allison Mack, 35, was indicted in federal court on Friday for allegedly helping recruit women for a man who claims to be a self-improvement guru. 

She played Chloe, a young Clark Kent's good friend, in the WB/CW series "Smallville."

Mack entered a not-guilty plea in court on Friday. A bail hearing will be held on Monday, according to the Associated Press.

Prosecutors said she was involved with the cult-like organization Nxivm and helped find women to serve as sex slaves for its leader, Keith Raniere.

Officials said the Albany, NY, based program recruited people, who paid thousands of dollars for courses. 

The charges are related to an alleged secret society within the organization. Mack is accused by two women of making them have sex with Raniere using blackmail.

Many of the so-called sex slaves were branded on pelvic areas with a cauterizing pen with a symbol that incorporated Raniere's initials, according to the indictment.

Raniere was arrested in Mexico in March.

"I want to see her put away. She is dangerous, she's sick, she's evil, she's dark, and she has done harm to many people. Imagine having your initials burned into a woman's body. That's happened," said Stanley Kareff, who attended the hearing.

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