9 sets of twins graduating from Iowa high school

Posted at 1:42 PM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 13:42:41-04

EPWORTH, IA (KCRG/CNN) - Some Iowa students at one high school are used to seeing double.

That's because there are nine sets of twins in this year's Western Dubuque High School 2018 graduating class.

And as they get ready for graduation, they are talking about what being a teenage-twin was like in high school.

It's a song that signals the end of a school year.

Children spilling out of their classrooms, opening their lockers for the last time.

And for 18 students, it might be the last time they're all together.

"We always knew there was like a couple sets of twins at Drexler, and a couple at Seton, and then we came to high school and it really got like, whoa, we have nine sets of twins," said Andrew Welty, a twin at the school.

There are the Buttikofers who said they never got along when they were little.

"It got so bad that seriously our parents made us hug for like five minutes," said Madelyn and Kathryn Buttikofer. "Yeah, that sucked. It was annoying."

Then there are the Brehms, who said it seemed no one can got their names straight.

"Like seventh grade I'm pretty sure someone called me the wrong name the whole year, but I didn't correct them because I didn't really care, like whatever," said Kim and Kelly Brehm.

Then there are Jonathan and Justin Hermsen.

The fraternal farmers said having a twin brought out their competitive sides.

The only set of identical twins in the whole bunch wanted to set the record straight.

"If somebody hurts her do you feel it? Like do you always know where she's at?" said Ellie and Abby Schieltz.

The answer was no.

When they fill up these seats for graduation, it will signal a new chapter in their lives.

Spending so much of their lives as pairs, they're ready for their solos.

"I'm going to Kirkwood Community College, and he's going to UNI (University of Northern Iowa). So we're not going to be rooming together," said Nick and Sam Stecklein who are parting ways.

The Buttikofer twins are also moving away from each other.

"I'm going to college for graphic design," said one twin.

"Special education," said the other.

The group said they all plan to stay in touch after graduation, no matter where their lives lead.

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