Report: Young mother, dressed as clown, tried to make boyfriend 'human sacrifice'

Report: Young mother, dressed as clown, tried to make boyfriend 'human sacrifice'
Posted at 11:41 PM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 20:03:57-04

(RNN) – A 19-year-old British woman was sentenced to 11 and a half years in jail in a bizarre incident in which she repeatedly stabbed her 17-year-old lover in her bed and said she "blacked out and had no memory of the attack."

Zoe Adams, a mother, admitted to the charge of "unlawfully and maliciously wounding" Kieran Bewick, "with intent to do him grievous bodily harm," according to Cumbria police.

Cumbria is a county in northwest England.

According to The Telegraph, Adams had been dressed up as a clown, and placed a pillow over Bewick's head during the sexual encounter. Cumbria police said Adams explained to the court it was to "make it more kink."

She then stabbed Bewick five times in his chest, arm and thigh with a 10-inch knife, The Telegraph reported.

His lung collapsed and he was rushed to emergency surgery in nearby Newcastle.

Text messages in court showed Adams wanted to make Bewick a "human sacrifice," The Telegraph reported.

"I don’t think about males unless said male is strapped up and being used as a human sacrifice," one text read, in part.

Adams claimed that she could not remember committing the attack due to excessive use of alcohol and marijuana.

Bewick, a fantasy novelist, reportedly told the court: "I struggle with the knowledge that someone I genuinely cared about would do this to me."

He also said he had a longstanding fear of clowns, which Adams exploited.

"I have always had a fear of clowns and Zoe knew this," he said. "This will now only increase my fear of clowns."

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