Rail cars stinking up neighborhood

Posted at 11:09 PM, Mar 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 23:09:08-04

Some promising news for neighbors living right down the road from multiple rail cars loaded with human waste. 

The 'stink' may be history soon. 

We've learned the railroad company that's storing those stinky cars will no longer accept new shipments until the cars there now are handled.

"Alabama is not a dumping ground for everybody's else's waste," said homeowner Dwight Harris.  

He said the rail cars might be hidden behind trees, but nothing can hide the stench. 

"I want it gone before we have other problems that could spawn into class action lawsuit," he said. 

The rail cars were moved to the end of Arkadelphia Road last week after sitting on the tracks off Finley Boulevard for more than a week.

Norfolk Southern controls the rail yard. 

Big Sky Environmental, out of Adamsville, shipped these containers here from the northeast. 

"I don't want the waste from other states dumped on us," said Harris. "They need to handle their own waste within their own states."

Similar-type rail cars caused concern among residents in West Jefferson and Parrish. 

We spoke with the Parrish Mayor Heather Hall who said 130-or-so of the waste containers are still in her city. 

"People there want to use us as a dumping ground. I say, 'No,.'" said Harris.

A Norfolk Southern spokesperson said Big Sky has sped up how quickly it empties the containers. 

Norfolk Southern sent us this statement: "NS issued an embargo on accepting new shipments from Big Sky Environmental until the company is able to process the rail cars currently on our railroad."

The Parrish Mayor said she heard the New York City Department of Environmental Protection plans to stop its use of the Big Sky environmental facility. 

We reached out to that agency to confirm that.

Big Sky,  meanwhile, told us it has been advised by their attorney not to speak with the media.

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