Quebec woman walks from Canada to Texas

Quebec woman walks from Canada to Texas
Posted at 6:52 AM, Apr 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-28 04:04:38-04

ERIE, PA (WFEE/CNN) - A Canadian woman and her dog are walking from Quebec to Texas to raise money and awareness for medical charities.

But when they stopped in Erie, PA, Friday night and couldn't find a place to stay, a local family stepped up.

The Erie police station isn't exactly where Ghislaine Beaudoin wanted to sleep Friday night.

She walked more than 20 miles earlier in the day.

“I wanted to have something that would challenge me,” Beaudoin said.

The challenge, a 2,000 mile walk from her home in Gatineau, Quebec to Texas.

With only a stroller strapped down with a tent and some other traveling basics, Beaudoin and her sidekick, Beast, are raising money and awareness for some health and medical non-profits in Canada.

“I just thought that if I'm going to walk this much, I'm going to do it for a good cause,” she said.

But the 61-year-old hit an unexpected bump in the road when she arrived in Erie, Friday night.

Beaudoin usually stays at a motel wherever she stops, sometimes with area residents.

“I tried a few different places, but some of them don't take dogs,” she said.

But after a few calls, help was on the way.

Good Samaritan, Yolanda Jefferson, traveled about 15 miles to pick up the wary travelers.

Beast even received a little special treatment on the way home.

Outside, Yolanda's husband, Max, helped load Beaudoin's stroller into his truck.

The couple, called Beaudoin an inspiration.

“Our aspiration is do the Appalachian Trail, and I'm a nurse so that's what I do,” said Yolanda Jefferson. “I help people.”

Beaudoin was thankful for the assistance.

“Wonderful, wonderful people,” Beaudoin said.

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