Puppy abandoned on side of road to get new home

Posted at 5:06 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 17:06:07-04

APOPKA, FL (WESH/CNN) - Home security video shows a man abandoning a puppy by the side of the road. A Florida couple ended up helping the dog, which is now at a local animal shelter.

On Sunday, a security camera recorded a video of a car pulling up in front of a home.  A man gets out and removes a puppy which then appears to follow him. What happens next is heartbreaking.

The car pulls off leaving the puppy behind.  "It's very emotional,” a homeowner said. The homeowner who owns the yard the dog was left in asked to have her identity hidden. 

She said their camera alerted them someone was outside. "When my husband went outside he saw the puppy and no car,” she said. The family quickly took the puppy inside and shot the video as they gave the dog treats.

They re-wound their surveillance footage and were astonished to see the dog just being left. "My husband and I are huge animal lovers, and just the dog being so confused and feeling like ‘where are you going?’" she said. 

The nameless puppy is now very safe at the Orange County animal shelter and there's already one application in to adopt him. But they're going to have to hold onto him for a few days just in case an owner comes forward.

When shelter staff was shown the video of the puppy being dropped off, they were quick to point out the back-story is unknown. It's possible the man in the video found the dog wandering and was simply returning it to the nearest neighborhood, they said.  

But regardless, shelter officials say that's not the best choice. "If you care about an animal and really want to find that animal a new home, we can help you do so. But the answer is never to abandon that animal in a situation that could be unsafe, which is the side of the road,” said Diane Summer of Orange County Animal Services.

The homeowner who rescued the dog says she plans to report the incident to law enforcement. The shelter says the puppy is happy and healthy and should soon be headed to a new home. 

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