Puppy abandoned by owner in abusive relationship finds forever home

Posted at 7:18 AM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 07:18:12-04

LAS VEGAS (KSNV/CNN) – The puppy whose story went viral after he was abandoned because his owner was in an abusive relationship is about to be adopted by a family in Las Vegas.

Miniature Chihuahua Chewy was just 3 months old when he was found inside an airport bathroom in July with a note from his heartbroken owner.

“My owner was in an abusive relationship and couldn’t afford to get me on the flight... I love Chewy sooo much. Please love and take care of him,” the note read.

The woman also said she had no other option but to leave the dog and that her ex-boyfriend had kicked him in the head.

“He had a pretty good bump on the side of his head. He also had some really bad pain in his jaw. He yawned, and there was just this gut-wrenching scream,” said Patricia Montano, the foster parent who has been caring for Chewy the past few months.

The 2-pound dog is now happy and healthy. His story garnered international attention, and thousands of people applied to adopt him.

“I think his story is what touched everybody,” Montano said.

Finally, Chewy is about to be adopted by a Las Vegas family. Their identity is being withheld at this time.

The Chihuahua’s original owner, the one who left that tearful note, has not been found.

“No, she never came forward, and I can see why. If she really was in a horrible situation, I could see why she didn’t come forward. But I think she's seen that he's OK, and he's a happy boy,” Montano said.

Montano wants everyone to know there are resources available to keep victims of domestic violence and their pets together. She hopes Chewy’s story helps people talk about abuse more openly.

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