Possibly rabid bobcat bites, claws father and son

Posted at 11:56 AM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 11:56:19-04

STOW, ME (WGME/CNN) – A father and son in Maine are receiving rabies treatments after a bobcat attack.

The Plowden family lives in the woods along the Maine-New Hampshire border.

"Our neighbor stopped by and told us there was a bobcat coming through the woods," 17-year-old Justin said.

It wasn’t long before a 25-pound grey bobcat made itself at home in the Plowden’s barn.

"He was laying in the hay there, purring," father John Plowden said, pointing to a corner of the barn.

The cat was visibly ill and aggressive, he said. Both are possible signs of rabies.

Plowden made a call to the game warden. That’s when the bobcat made its move.

"We were standing like 15-20 feet off the barn, and backed up, and it took a step towards me and back and then it turned," Plowden said.

Then, it lunged right at Justin’s face.

"All of the sudden it latched up. I don't remember much,” the teen said. “I just remember my dad pulling it off of my cheek."

Justin had wounds on his face and back from the attack.

The bobcat then turned its focus on John Plowden, clawing him several places on the arm.

A neighbor scared the cat away.

"He took off and ran towards the cabin," Plowden said.

Father and son went to the hospital to be checked out. Both are being treated for rabies.

It’s a moment they won’t soon forget.

"Pretty crazy to be attacked by bobcat," Justin said.

The Maine Warden Service is searching the area for the cat. Other neighbors have reported similar bobcat encounters.

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