Portuguese airline strands passengers in Boston for days

Posted at 8:54 AM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-29 08:54:14-04

BOSTON (WCVB/CNN) - Passengers have been stuck inside Boston's Logan International Airport for days, and for many, there's no word on when they will get to their destination.

Frustrated doesn't begin to cut it.

In this sea of hundreds, many of these passengers have been waiting to get on an Azores/SATA Airlines flight since Sunday or Monday.

"Our vacation started being in the airport for three days, maybe four days. We're not sure yet," one passenger said.

"All I've been hearing from SATA, me and everybody else that's been here, lies," another passenger said.

People also took to Twitter to express their satisfaction. One man tweeted at the airline in response to a Portugal promotional photo: "This picture is funny. That's hotel I'm supposed to be staying at if I ever get put on another flight. After my first got cancelled."

He ended up flying on another airline to Portugal.

According to passengers, the problems began Sunday evening when they were informed all flights to Portugal were grounded.

"This is my third day here waiting for a flight. Third day. Each day they tell you to come back the next day. They don't tell you the time. They don't tell you anything else," passenger Ed Cabral said.

He has been shuttling back and forth one hour each way to the hotel provided by the airline, but he's had to pay the cab fare.

"All these people that are lined up, it is just pure frustration," Cabral said. "You can't go to the bathroom; you have to wait in line. No one comes out and manages anything. We don't believe anything that is being said at this point and time. It is disappointing. 

"We have lost hotels, we have lost appointments, we have lost connecting flights, and we have no idea what we are going to get in return. We don't know what is going to happen when we get to the front of the line. This is an exercise in futility. It's an embarrassment, and I really think that something should be done."

In a statement, the airline said, "A series of technical issues took out two of the long-range fleet, causing difficulty from Boston to Portugal. Our team has tried to get local airport officials to inform impacted passengers."

The airline went on to say they hope all of this is restored and all of the flights restored by the end of the day Thursday.

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