Politician fired from job after posting meme of car running over protesters

Politician fired from job after posting meme of car running over protesters
Posted at 2:54 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 12:03:40-04

(RNN) - A South Dakota politician lost her real estate job after she posted a meme on her Facebook page that showed a car running over stick figure people that read “All Live Splatter.”

Lynne DiSanto, who is the majority whip for the South Dakota House of Representatives, posted the image on Sept. 7, less than a month after a white supremacist ran drover his car into a crowd in Charlottesville, injuring 19 and killing a woman.

The meme also had two other sentences that said, “Nobody cares about your protest” and “Keep your (expletive) out of the road.” DiSanto wrote over the meme, “I think this is a movement we can all support.

DiSanto took down the meme on Tuesday.

The real estate company announced via Facebook that DiSanto was “no longer associated with Keller Williams Realty of the Black Hills.”

The Rapid City Journal reached DiSanto for a comment.

“I am sorry if people took offense to it and perceived my message in any way insinuating support or condoning people being hit by cars,” DiSanto said. “I perceived it differently. I perceived it as encouraging people to stay out of the street.”

The South Dakota Democratic Party executive director issued a statement in response to DiSanto's post.

“The right to peaceably assemble is fundamental to our democracy - so fundamental, in fact, it is included in the First Amendment to our Constitution …Whether one supports the cause of protesters or not, sharing an image promoting running them over is offensive and beneath the dignity of the office Rep. DiSanto holds.”

The House Majority Leader Lee Qualm told the Argus Leader that DiSanto was no in danger of losing her whip position. 

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