Police union upset over Pride decals

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jun 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-03 17:18:05-04

PITTSBURGH (WPXI/CNN) - Pittsburgh police vehicles are displaying "Pittsburgh Police Supports Pride 2017" decals.

The police union isn't happy about it.

The decals are on some Pittsburgh police cruisers for Gay Pride weekend and events leading up to it.

The president of Pittsburgh's police union see this as a big problem. He describes the display of the decals as "outrageous" and "biased."

Bob Schwartwelder went on to say that "police are supposed to be neutral law enforcers not supporters of any cause. This is an extremely slippery slope."

The Delta Foundation President, Gary Van Horn, responded to the FOP's reaction to the decals.

"Doesn't do anything to repair relationships and bring people together," Horn said. "I'm concerned at why he specifically did it for this one."

This isn't the only organization Pittsburgh police plan to publicly support.  A police spokesperson says the decision was made a month ago by the chief and that the department is going to show support for several other causes, including, Special Olympics and Saint Patrick's Day. 

Chief Scott Schuberts also weighed in, saying "It's extremely disappointing the FOP would attempt to strain relations with the community when the PBD is doing everything in our power to improve those relationships."

A release from the police spokesperson says that five to six police vehicles in each of the city's six zones will have the community support decals

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