Penguin hops out of ocean, pays visit to boat of researchers

Posted at 1:42 PM, Jan 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-18 13:42:20-05

(RNN) - A team of researchers in the Antarctic got an unexpected visitor while out on an expedition when a penguin leaped into their boat.

Researcher Matt McKay with the Australian Antarctic Division recorded the run-in with the aquatic bird, and it was posted on the organization's Facebook page.

A representative explained the eating habits of their new friend when asked what the "red" was off to the left on the ice.

"The Adelie penguins gorge themselves on krill and then spit up what their stomach can’t fit in," the group stated.

A spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that the researchers encountered eight penguins that day, while out to collect water samples.

Australian Antarctic Division used the video as a recruiting tool.

"You, too, could have such an amazing experience - we're recruiting expeditioners right now!" they said in the post.

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