Parents shocked at yearbook post, 'Most likely to bomb US'

Parents shocked at yearbook post, 'Most likely to bomb US'
Posted at 2:06 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 12:10:40-04

PHOENIX (KNXV/CNN) - An Arizona school is apologizing for disturbing content in its year book.

An eighth grader with a Muslim name listed himself as "most likely to bomb the U.S."

The Sonoran Science Academy said the student chose the designation himself as a "misguided attempt at humor."

Regardless of the reason, parents are upset that the school allowed it to be included in the yearbooks that were distributed.

"I looked down and read his 'most likely to bomb the U.S.,' and I just sat there and for a second, and I thought 'no way, this is not happening,' " said Bree Brown a concerned parent.

There was disbelief and outrage over the post. 

"The school really wants to reiterate how sorry they are about this situation," said Matt Benson, Sonoran Science Academy spokesman.

A rite of passage gone wrong.

In almost every yearbook, you'll see a section where students vote for the most popular, or most athletic.

In this case school officials said students were given open-ended questions and they filled out the answers themselves.

"There was no vote," Benson said. "Each student individually chose those designations." 

But parents just want to know how could something like this ever make it to print?

"With those words, ‘bombing a nation,' that's an act of terrorism you can't put that on a child's future," said one parent.

And that's not the only post that had parents in disbelief.

For the section of favorite memory, one student wrote, "getting stabbed with a pencil."

"That was an actual occurrence that happened at the school," Brown said. "Police were called. It wasn't something funny where I just poked you with a pencil."

A school spokesman called it an oversight. The school is now investigating.

School officials have asked parents to return the old yearbooks and exchange them for brand new ones.

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