Ohio man charged with child neglect for 'drunken tirade' at Disney

Ohio man charged with child neglect for 'drunken tirade' at Disney
Posted at 3:13 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 11:46:07-04

ORLANDO, FL (WWSB/RNN) - A father faces multiple charges after he went on a "drunk tirade" through Disney World and left his toddler for hours to suffer first-degree burns, according to authorities.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says Brian Keith Olmstead, 35, was visiting Disney's Art of Animation Resort on Sunday when he used his child's stroller to plow through crowds while shouting racial slurs. While being transported, a deputy reported Olmstead "stated that Donald Trump was going to kill me" along with other threats and names.

The affidavit reports that managers at the resort said they received at least 11 complaints about Olmstead's drunken behavior over the course of four hours. 

Also in the affidavit: A Disney manager told deputies Olmstead was visibly intoxicated, had trouble pushing the stroller, was cursing at cast members and visitors, and the child was "badly sunburned on the arms, legs and feet." The manager said Olmstead was escorted to his room once, but returned to the bar and refused to go back to his room. 

The arresting deputy reported Olmstead had such a hard time walking he and another deputy had to "hold him by each arm so he did not fall."

Olmstead's wife said they were at the ESPN World of Sports when Olmstead decided to take their toddler back to the resort at about 3:30 p.m. to rest and get out of the sun, according to the report. At about 8 p.m., she said she got a call from someone at the resort saying Olmstead was "severely intoxicated." She said when she and her daughter returned to the resort, Olmstead "was very intoxicated and belligerent," according to the report.

Olmstead was visiting from Ohio, where he had been charged with DUI and disorderly conduct in the past. He was booked on child neglect and for disturbing the peace. He posted $2,200 bond on Monday night. 

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