Officer helps kids stranded on bus in snow storm

Officer helps kids stranded on bus in snow storm
Posted at 8:30 AM, Nov 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-19 03:31:40-05

YONKERS, NY (WABC/CNN) - A freak snowstorm crippled Yonker, NY, Thursday.

And it swept in right around the time schools were dismissing.

Traffic came to a standstill and the ice even caused school buses to slide. The children on-board were rendered helpless until Yonkers School Public Safety Officer Kenneth Whitney arrived.

“I left work at 3:30. At 5:30, I’m still trying to get out of Ghetty square. I couldn’t come up Ashburton, I couldn’t come up Glenwood, I could not come up Lambertine,” Whitney said.

So, Whitney abandoned his car and walked home. Along the way, he saw not one, not two, but three buses from different Yonkers schools that were stuck on the road.

All those kids needed a bathroom. Whitney walked into the Regency Nursing Home around the corner and made arrangements.

“He totally saved the day,” said Crystal White, a bus matron from the William Boyce Thompson School.

And Whitney wasn’t done. He left his number and just after 9 p.m., she called him because the kids were starving.

“I saw my kids in need and their need was greater than mine,” Whitney explained.

He brought every child sandwiches and juice.

“It speaks volumes about his character,” White said. “He’s the prime example of humanity.”

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