Newtown holds vigil for Parkland victims

Posted at 6:52 AM, Feb 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-24 06:52:27-05

NEWTOWN, CT (WFSB/CNN) – The community of Newtown knows all too well the heartache of a school shooting.

It went through the horror of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012.

On Friday night, hundreds of the town’s residents got together to pray for the victims of the recent school shooting in Florida.

"I want them to know that we're really with them, and they're not alone in this issue, and we want to support them as much as we can," said Tommy Murray, a vigil organizer.

Hundreds of Newtown students were among the vigil attendees.

"I'm definitely thrilled with how many students came out because it – in the end – that’s what we are really trying do,” said vigil organizer Jackson Mittleman. “We really want students to show their voice and their passion for this movement."

Newtown High School juniors Mittleman and Murray helped organize the vigil, and students planned the entire ceremony, including reading all the names of every victim who died in the Parkland tragedy, as well as at Sandy Hook, and other mass shootings.

Mittleman and Murray said they hoped that Friday night’s outpouring of love and support reaches the students at Stoneman Douglas, because their eloquence in the midst of tragedy could lead to real change one step at a time.

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