New fissure opens up as volcanic activity shows no signs of stopping

Posted at 11:41 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 23:41:57-04

Twenty active lava fissures have opened in lower Puna, where lava has destroyed dozens of homes and is threatening more.

The Kilauea crater is on the south side of the Big Island, and the east rift zone sweeps down toward Leilani Estates — about 25 miles away.

The locations of the volcanic vents include:

  • Fissure no. 1: Northwest of Leilani Avenue and west of Mohala Street
  • Fissure no. 2: South of Leilani Avenue and west of Makamae Street
  • Fissure no. 3: North of Leilani Street on Kaupili Street
  • Fissure no. 4: Between Kaupili and Mohela streets
  • Fissure no. 5: North of Kahukai Street
  • Fissure no. 6: East of Leilani Avenue, south of Pohoiki Road
  • Fissure no. 7: West of Hookupu Street
  • Fissure no. 8: South of Leilani Avenue and Luana Street intersection
  • Fissure no. 9: West of Kupuno Street and north of Malama Street
  • Fissure no. 10: South of intersection of Malama and Pomaikai streets
  • Fissure no. 11: South of Malama and Alapai streets
  • Fissure no. 12: Very near fissure no. 11
  • Fissure no. 13: Leilani Avenue, near fissure no. 6
  • Fissure no. 14: In forested area off Kaupili Street
  • Fissure no. 15: Pohoiki Road
  • Fissure no. 16: Forested area
  • Fissure no. 17: Forested area
  • Fissure no. 18: Just east of fissure no. 16
  • Fissure no. 19: Northeast of Pohoiki Road
  • Fissure no. 20: Forested area in Lanipuna Gardens (south of Puna Geothermal Venture)

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