Mother gets package implicating dead son's drug dealer

Posted at 7:33 AM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 07:33:15-04

DAMASCUS, MD (WJLA/CNN) - Papers left on a front doorstep in Damascus, MD, link an accused heroin dealer to a deadly overdose.

Now the person who quietly leaked those documents is credited with cracking the case.

Eric Danko, 27, died inside of a bedroom at his mother's home in October of last year.

The source of his drugs, a mystery.

But then 10 days later, someone left a pack of papers on the front stoop of Danko's mother's home.

Those papers contained text message conversations between Danko and a 29-year-old man named Samuel Sturc.

In one case, Sturc allegedly wrote "it's strong, please for God's sake do not even do half the bag when you get it."

The following day Danko replied "I can barely do it. I did like a small line and I am still so messed up."

In other texts Sturc allegedly stated he'd "drop the price."

The text promised "I can get fent" and vowed "I wouldn't steer you wrong."

Investigators have since charged Sturc with a number of felony crimes.

"His head was just slumped over and I was here all by myself," said Pat Beles.

Sturc is scheduled to plead guilty in court on June 7.

Beles said the person who printed out those text messages is her guardian angel.

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