Missouri business owner harassed over police support

Posted at 12:06 PM, Feb 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-18 12:06:21-05

ST. LOUIS (KMOV/CNN) - A Saint Louis business owner is worried for her safety after being threatened and harassed for supporting police.

"My children my brother, my grandchildren, everyone has made a living off this building," said Cherri Elder, Elder’s Antiques. "From the mailman to the UPS guy, you just know everybody.”

Other nearby businesses are also being targeted, but Elder wouldn't have her business anywhere else.

Recently she's received some unwelcoming messages, including a sign posted on her window that read “Pig supporters not welcome. Flag goes down you go down.”

"It was big, it was for everyone to see,” Edler said. "Oh, its most definitely a threat."

She said the threats began after she posted this American flag with a thin blue line outside of her shop to show her support for police.

"People came by they would cuss at you harass you they would harass the customers," Elder said.

Elder took the flag down about a month ago

"I thought things were getting better but apparently it's not," she said.

Just a few doors down, the window at DeMay Ltd. Furs & Antiques is boarded up. Surveillance video shows one person kicking and hitting it before running off with two others.

The owner at Demay’s also had a blue line flag, but it was stolen.

"My business, my friends are being targeted,” Elder said. "It needs to stop before somebody gets hurt."

Elder isn't letting the incidents push her out.

"I have every right to fly a flag," she said.

A flag she says she placed to show support, not create division.

"I want it to come back to some kind of normalcy where people have respect for each other," Elder said.

No word from police on any suspects or arrests.

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