Missing Georgia man found dismembered in neighbor’s home

Missing Georgia man found dismembered in neighbor’s home
Posted at 3:03 PM, Nov 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-11 23:36:45-05

CLAYTON COUNTY, GA (WSB/CNN) - Investigators in Georgia are trying to find out why a Clayton County man killed and dismembered his neighbor.

Police said surveillance video led them to the suspect and the gruesome evidence of the crime against 76-year-old Robert Page.

"He's irreplaceable," said Bobby Austin of his grandfather.

Page is remembered by family members as a man with a warm smile and a big heart.

His murder is hard to understand for many.

“To go in such a tragic way is just hitting us really really hard,” Austin said.

Police said the accused murderer didn't even know Page and is not only uncooperative, but he has been combative with officers.

"There are additional charges from incidents here at the police department,” said Maj. Craig Hammer of the Clayton County Police Department.

Page's wife first reported him missing Thursday.

She told police he didn't answer her calls so she came to their home to find their front door wide open.

"More than likely since the door was left wide open, there was some kind of confrontation,” Hammer said.

Police found Christian Martinez in the house next door, hiding under a couch with Page’s cellphone. Then, they found page’s remains.

"Part of his body was located in a cooler, and other parts of his body were located under two tarps in the backyard,” Hammer said.

Martinez was renting a room, and police say he moved to Morrow, GA, from Mexico three months ago.

Authorities are working with federal investigators to determine whether he came to the U.S. legally.

Police added an obstruction charge against him for his alleged behavior at the police department.

For Page’s family, their many questions about a motive remain unanswered.

Martinez faces a charge of malice murder.

He is being held in the Clayton County Jail without bond.

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