Marijuana advocates rolled 100-foot long joint after full legalization

Posted at 4:35 PM, Dec 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-18 16:35:31-05

MANCHESTER, MA (WBZ/CNN) -  A Marijuana advocacy group is trying to break the record by rolling the biggest joint.

This creation is quite timely since the state cannabis commission met in the past week to go over the rules for recreational marijuana use.

Pot shops aren't set to open until summer 2019 in Massachusetts.

This 100-foot long joint was a big hit at this year’s Harvest cup in Worcester, MA. Attendee Patrick Brenton was a bit skeptical about its utilization.

"Honestly, I want to know who has lungs powerful enough to suck air all the way from that end, to this end,” he said.

The people at the organization Beantown Greentown, who put the event together, said this doobie could be one for the record books. The group also will open a shop once pot is legal.

It took the help of 40 people, 3,000 yards of rolling paper, 1,000 grams of cannabis and a month and a half of hard work to complete. 

The two-day marijuana competition and expo drew thousands on its first day with people celebrating the full legalization of pot in Massachusetts.

Marijuana growers and vendors are also gearing up for pot shops to open next summer.

Pro-marijuana advocates say this weekend is all about education and awareness.

“Our goal is to break down the stigma of what cannabis is and doing something of this size kind of makes people chuckle," said Beantown Greentown owner Andrew Mutty.

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