Man shot in the back over peach cobbler

Posted at 2:41 PM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 14:41:13-04

RED BANKS, MS (WREG/CNN) - A man is behind bars facing attempted murder charges and another recovering from a gun wound to the back after an altercation over peach cobbler.

It happened in the town Red Banks in Mississippi.

Logan Novascone said he made his usual stop in to Joe Joe's Travel Center to pick up a coke on Wednesday.

"He started cursing her out so I put my coke on the counter and I was like dude you aren't going to talk to them like that," said Novascone.

He said the customer in front of him in the checkout line later identified as Stanley Woodson was mad about the amount of peaches served with his cobbler.

Woodson was also going off on the woman serving him.

"Everyone that comes to this store, knows this store knows these women. That is disrespectful," Novascone said.

Novascone said he stepped in to defend the cashier but he thought things would stop there.

Whether Woodson was just having a bad day or truly that frazzled over fruit, that part isn't clear but Novascone said he wasn't expecting to take a ride to the hospital.

"Over some peaches? You want to shoot at me over peaches?" Novascone said.

He said Woodson popped his trunk on pump five, pulled a gun out the back and started shooting.

"He reached over the car and shot again," Novascone said. "Only thing I could think of was that dumpster."

Seven shots were fired as he ran to take cover, he said.

"I really thought I was dead, I was done," Novascone said.

He thinks all the gunplay wasn't necessary.

"Put up the guns lets go with these hands if you want to go," he said.

He said if it happened again he'd still stand up for the women working at the store.

"I would do it again 100 percent, yes ma'am," Novascone said.

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