Man insults Spanish-speaking women, admits he’s racist

Man insults Spanish-speaking women, admits he’s racist
Posted at 8:00 AM, Nov 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-19 03:31:40-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV/CNN) - A man in Las Vegas was caught on camera hurling racist insults at a Spanish-speaking woman and her mother.

And when he was called out for it, he admitted to being racist.

It was supposed to be a normal trip to Smith's Grocery Store in Southern Highlands. But it quickly turned ugly.

A man was captured on video telling the women to "go back to where you came from."

The woman behind the camera told the man he was a racist and he did not deny it.

"Yes, I am,” he said. “Very much so."

She then told her mom to get back when the man mocked their language again.

"Oh, you're going to go viral," the woman told the man.

The man finally hurled one last insult before walking away.

"I'm going to go back where I came from: Ohio," he said. “They don't let you people there."

Shoppers at the store were disappointed by what they saw in the video.

“I'm sorry that anybody that anybody has to encounter this, whether if it's because of what you speak or what you look like," one shopper said.

Even so, Jose Macias with Make the Road Nevada said, unfortunately, situations like this happen more often than people think.

"Definitely this has been rising since Trump became president with the hate towards immigrants, to people that speak Spanish, to different communities has been rising up," Macias said.

FBI numbers show a rise in documented hate crimes, let alone every day encounters like this one which aren't always caught on camera.

“The sad part is people think that’s normal to do that, and it shouldn’t be like that,” Macias stressed

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