Man in clown mask arrested for scaring motorists

Posted at 5:45 AM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 05:45:42-04

WITCHER CREEK, WV (WCHS/CNN) – A West Virginia man is facing charges for scaring drivers with a creepy clown mask.

A criminal complaint says Kevin Hancock popped up on a street in Witcher Creek, WV, Thursday night, wearing a creepy clown mask. He scared drivers along the road before police caught up with him.

A witness flagged down a trooper at a gas station and said there was a man wearing a clown mask, running around and scaring cars.

Troopers went to check out the scene and say they saw the creepy clown in the road. They say he was obviously under the influence of something, but he was too impaired to provide any sensible answers and said he was trying to borrow some money.

Hancock’s neighbor Gary Moore says he knows the man and nothing surprises him after living in the town for almost 70 years.

"When I found out it was Kevin [and] he was down at the VFW last night with a Bozo the Clown outfit on, nothing would surprise you. Nothing. Nothing,” Moore said.

Moore says he suspects drugs were involved in his neighbor’s behavior, but Hancock is pretty harmless.

“He come up here trying to talk to me. He was stepping, but he wasn't hitting the ground. He couldn't talk,” Moore said.

When troopers patted Hancock down, they say they found crystal meth, Roxycodone and a small amount of pot.

Hancock is facing drug charges as well as a charge of violating the West Virginia mask code.

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